Click on the numbered links below or scroll down for a background on each building or business (some locations approximate):

1. Sondahl Pottery 5. Priest River Women's Ministries 8. U. S. Post Office 13  White Horse Saloon, Hotel, Restaurant 17 Real Life Ministries (Old Bank building) 22. Spirit Lake Fire station
2. Messy's Burgers 6. Spirit Lake Police
9. Moose Inn Motor Court
14 Formerly
Thunder Ridge Gift Shop
18. Spirit Lake Food Bank 23. Free Spirit Gifts and  Magical Massage
3. Fresh Aire Ebikes 6 A 3 Funky Monkeys
10. Flowers and More  Shop
14b.  Jo's Hole Saloon 19. Old gas station 24. Spirit Lake Baptist Church
4.Mercantile Building 6B Hohman's Garage 11. Linger Longer Lounge and Pizza 15. C's Trains and Antiques 20. Heritage Christian School
4B Little Park 7. Brickel Creek Coffee
12. Terry's Cafe
16 Old West Hardware 21. Spirit Lake City Hall
North of Maine Street along Idaho State 41:

Spirit Lake Presbyterian Church

Senior and  Community Center

Woolen Brown Center

Spirit Lake Library

Annie's Country Kitchen and Coffee Shop

Taxidermy Shop

UR Fitness

Seventh Day Adventist Church

SL Family Dental Clinic

First Lutheran Church and SL Historical Museum

Old Catholic Church

B & J RV Park

South of Maine Street:

VFW Post

Miller's Harvest Foods and associated businesses

North Star Salon

Timberlake Physical Therapy

First Interstate Bank

North Idaho Tires

Spirit Lake Land Company

Spirit Lake Presbyterian Church (originally United Presbyterian Church )  AA meets in the basement...

Senior and Community Center

Woolen Brown building (original school)

Spirit Lake Public Library.  Originally in the Woolen Brown building with volunteer librarian Areta Davis...

Annie's Country Kitchen and Coffee Shop   The building likely originated from a Rathdrum company that built archform buildings.  These were similar to metal WWII steel barracks but came to a point at the top instead of being round...

For sale, was taxidermy shop which started out where Brickel Creek Coffee Shop is now...

UR Fitness, formerly M and D Automotive...

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Spirit Lake Family Dental Clinic

First Lutheran Church and Spirit Lake Historical Museum

The old  Catholic church, now being renovated into a bed and breakfast (2019)

B&J RV Park

VFW Post

Miller's Harvest Foods, previously Miller's Food City, started in the building currently occupied by Old West Hardware.  Also the family owns the laudromat and gas station...

North Star Salon, in the Miller center..

Timberlake Physical Therapy

First Interstate Bank, formerly Inland Northwest Bank...

North Idaho Tires est. 2019

Spirit Lake Land Company and Boat Storage

1. Sondahl Pottery

In Spirit Lake since 1982, the pottery was built in the original land office for the town of Spirit Lake in 1907:
You can see the original building from the street view:  Click on photo to see the original 1907 photo)

2. Messy's Burgers

Established in 2017, Messy's taken off like wildfire, winning a regional  award for best burger in 2018.  Previously the building had been: Timberlake Litter Control (2015-7), The Depot youth center, Spirit Lake Post Office...

3. Fresh Aire Ebikes 2019 Click on photo to see 2018 Clutter)

Clutter established 2017 (closed 2018), home decor store.  Previously ending 2017 Knick Knack Paddy Whack Candy and Video Store. Before that it had been empty for decades.
It was moved back to create a courtyard and renovated extensively:

4.Mercantile Building

Home of Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant and Blackwell Lounge, with additional offices upstairs.  
Before that the building had  been empty since it was Spirit Lake Hardware decades ago

4B Little Park.  Donated to the city by the Hohman family, has been given floral life by the Spirit Lake Garden Club

5. Priest River Women's Ministry (2019) Formerly 4th and Maine Pizza. Originally a gas station.  Click on photo to see how it looked in 2018

6. Spirit Lake Police Station 2019. Click on photo to see 2018

Formerly City Hall on the left and police station on the right....

6 A  3 Funky Monkeys (closed 2019) A pizzeria is planned for late 2019

Most of Maine Street and the rest of the town was built in 1908, as this building attests, to supplement the Panhandle Lumber Mill.

6B Hohman Garage

Looking like a museum from its time of use...

7 Brickel Creek Coffee

Since 2016. Formerly a taxidermist shop, Green House natural foods grocery in the early 1980's

8 U.S. Post Office.

9.  Moose Inn

The only building on Maine Street that has not had a business in it besides the Hohman's garage since 1980

Flowers and More  Shop

Linger Longer Lounge and Pizza

10. Whitehorse Hotel, Bar, and Restaurant

Terry's Cafe

Thunder Ridge Gift Shop (closed 2019)
(Odd Fellows Building)

Jo's Hole Saloon

C's Trains and Antiques
(originally Cozy Theater)

Old West Hardware

Owned and operated by the Esterlys since the 1980's

Real Life Ministries
(originally Spirit Lake Bank

Spirit Lake Food Bank

Old gas station, formerly Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center, Paul Vroom auto repair.

Spirit Lake Baptist Church  (repainted 2019, click for 2018)

Free Spirits Gift Shop and Magical Massage

Spirit Lake City Hall

Spirit Lake Fire Department

Heritage Christian Academy

Our teapot water tower....

This detail shows the winning hand (4 aces) that enabled the benefactor to donate the money to redo the watertower as a teapot, as the story goes...  This is from 2019,  the first photo still has the outlines of the cards that have faded with time).

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